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Indieway is
Calling for Indies

Indieway Expo is an offline showcase where you can present your games to gaming professionals.

Indieway will select maximum 15 games from the applications to be presented in the digital expo and offline presentation. And those indies will earn company tickets to the event. In the conference you will have a 2 minutes presentation time to present your game to the community and the judge team. 3 of them will be selected and announced in the web site as games of the month. We may have additional surprises for selected indies and games of the month in the future.

- Developers must be financially independent.

- Teams shouldn't be selected as the top 3 games in the last 2 indieways.
- Developers must have a yearly income of less than 6.000 €.
- Developers can only present their own original content.
- If you have a published game, 5 promo codes must be provided
- Each application of developers who wish to be present at digital expo, will be evaluated by a special committee.


The deadline for application is Feburary 16, 2023!

Note: Developers with yearly income of more than 6.000 € can join Indieway with a fee of 242 €

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